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Combination Of Psychic, Tarot Cards, Direct Energy, Spiritual Vibration & 2 Energy Crystals. 
Including A Pink Quartz Heart Shaped Crystal. This Readings Channels Through Your Partners Heart And Mind To Reveal What He/she Is Really Thinking And Feeling For You. (Have You Wondered If Your Partner Is Being Faithful? Has There Been A Sudden Change? Have You Been Through A Break Up And Want To See If You Will Be Together Again In The Future?) This Reading Answers All Relationship Questions. Also Reads The Energy And Connection Strength, And The Outcome Of The Relationship Within 12 Months. 
*Full Name And Date Of Birth, Or Photo Is Required At The Time Of The Reading.*

The Psychic Reading Will Tell You What Experiences You Are Going Through In Your Life In The Present Time. A Reading That Will Touch On Your Current Life Situations With Both Positive And Negative Aspects Of Your Life And Will Explain To You Past, Present And Future Also Includes 2 Questions At The End Of The Reading

The Tarot Is A Very In-depth And Full Life Reading It Will Explain To You Past, Present, Future. Also Give You All Information In Though Love, Health, Business, Marriage, Career And Success. Also Includes 2 Questions At The End Of Reading. Ask As Many Question You Want During Your Reading About Past, Present, And Future.

Spiritual Services

Specializing In Reuniting Lovers
Have You Been Broken Up Or Feel Like Your Loosing The One You Love? Don't Give Up! A Love Healing Can Help You Get Your Partner Back. Restoring & Enhancing Love, Passion, Trust, Intimacy, Happiness & Commitment. Our Love Methods Are Very Powerful And Are Only Intended To Help Relationships With A Strong And REAL Connection.

Chakras Play A Important Role In The Spiritual Body. We Have 7 Chakras And A Result Of Energetic Imbalance Among The Chakras Is An Almost Continuous Feeling Of Dissatisfaction. A Chakra Balance Jemma Collins Will Balance Your Chakras To Properly Function So You Can Give & Receive To The Fullest.

A Spiritual Energy Cleansing Will Remove Spiritual, Mental Or Emotional Blockage That You Recently Have, Or Have Accumulated Over The Years. Spiritual Blocks Are Often Due To Situations You Have Negativity Dealt With Or People You Have Encountered In This Life Time Or In Past Life Times. When A Spiritual Blockage Is So Severe It Can Completely Take You Off Your Path In Life. By Completing A Spiritual Energy Cleansing You Will Finally Be Able To: Achieve & Conquer The Things In Life You Feel You Were Meant To Experience, Be With The People You Feel You Were Meant To Be With & Live The Life You Feel You Are Destined To Live.

Meditation Research, Aura Cleansing, Spiritual Life Coaching, Karma Cleansing, Channeling, Crystal Healing, Stops Addiction, Spiritual & Intuitive Growth Etc.

Pricing May Vary From Each Client.


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